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What We Do

Professional. Trustworthy. Experienced.

It all starts with an idea. After thoroughly researching and modeling from some of the most successful

organizations in the industry, Affinity collaborates with local experts to bring projects to life.


Connecting the dots from an idea to a business.


Collaborating with business owners and developers.


Making the project come to life - real estate.


Since 1995, Affinity has leveraged it's network of business professionals to bring knowledge, experience,

and expertise to the table. Through years of building trusted client relationships, Affinity has gained valuable experience utilizing a  process driven approach to fuel organizational success.


In 2018, part of the strategic vision for the organization, Affinity Companies set it's sights on commercial

real estate. Our goal is to build a portfolio of holdings working with developers and trusted relationships.


Projects & Portfolio

Parc Ambassador

Located on Lafayette's prime Ambassador Caffery Parkway is Parc Ambassador, a professional office development.

Parc Ambassador will have several custom built building that are over 5000 sq ft each.

State Farm - Bradley Beck Agency is the first commitment along with Parlor Salon Studios

Lafayette, Louisiana

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